I Thought We’d Have More Time Angels

This mixed media painting was created with acrylics, inks, papers, and watercolor crayons on wood. The wood is attached, with staples, to a repurposed vintage wood frame that was created by a local craftsman in the next town over. 

This piece was inspired by life…and the shortness of it … and loss….and hope. 

The frame is rough and uneven and has nail holes and isn’t anything that I would call pretty. But it is beautiful in its imperfections and fits this painting perfectly. The painting measure 31.5 x 10.5 inches inside the frame and 38 x 16 if you measure to the outside of the frame. The frame is approximately 3 inches wide. You can see the frame detail in the last photo. 

The words scrawled on the wood: 
I thought we’d have more time…. 

….just a little more time.

Mixed Media on Canvas
with frame: 38"x16"