Exit Thru the Keyhole Street Views

When I started typing the description and inspiration of this painting, the whole story sounded way too weird and would have frightened off any potential buyer just by the sheer craziness of this artist. So I deleted it. Here is part (but still the truth!) of the inspiration of this painting: This colorful, mixed media piece was created while pondering over life’s situations and how I am all worried about them and my brain starts telling me there is no way out and I am doomed, when REALLY there is an obvious way out…I am just overthinking and not using my eyes. 

“If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes.” Pablo Picasso

So then, Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower lyrics start playing in my head….

The piece measures 36 x 36 inches with 1.5inch sides that have been painted black. This one was very hard for me to capture the colors correctly with the camera, and I know every computer reads color differently, so if you are interested in this piece I will happily send you more photos in different lights. It is wired in the back and suitable for hanging unframed.

Mixed Media on Canvas